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Gift Certificates

Whether it is an introductory flight for yourself, a sightseeing tour or a gift for someone special we will be happy to provide an experience of a lifetime. Flying a helicopter offers a sense of freedom like nothing else available and is a truly unique gift. We personalize each flight based on the interests of our passengers, whether you want to take the opportunity to try flying yourself or just sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Gift certificates are available for either our Schweizer 300 or Bell 206 aircraft. Weight limitations do apply on all aircraft. 

The Robinson R44 has three passenger seats and is ideal for groups of two or three.

30 minutes – $300.00

45 minutes – $450.00

60 minutes – $600.00

Bell 206

The Bell 206 can take up to four passengers. If you wish to fly with a group of two or more, this is the aircraft for you. The price is the same whether you have one or more passengers.

30 minutes – $650.00

45 minutes – $975.00

60 minutes – $1,300.00

How to Purchase Your Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are available for purchase online for 30, 45 or 60 minute flights and do not expire. Please Contact Us by phone if you wish to purchase longer flight times. AirOcean Aviation is open 7 days a week and we will work with you or the gift certificate recipient to schedule the flight experience. Please bear in mind that your safety is our primary concern and your first choice of date may not be available due to weather or other circumstances.

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